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This is an ammonia refrigerated exchanger we built in our shop to reduce downtime and added costs.

Mod​ularization allows workers to perform a constant scope of work closer to the ground and in accordance with consistent standards, procedures and policies.

Because so much construction is performed off-site, modularization greatly reduces workforce requirements including camp and transportation costs.

Engineering, module assembly, and site work can proceed concurrently when modular construction techniques are employed, significantly reducing overall cycle time.

Improved site access, reduced congestion and trade stacking and less need for scaffolding, all enhance productivity and safety  WHILE REDUCING YOUR EXPOSURE!

Enhancing Safety While Reducing Costs


​Heavy Industrial Modular Construction

Lean​ manufacturing has led to great improvements in efficiency, which reduce production lead time, and ultimately, YOUR OVERALL COST!

​Better alignment of projection with schedule, and much less material on the shop floor.